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John Lee Dumas 
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How fast is super fast?
Traditional publishing companies can take up to two years.
That's ridiculous.

Other companies take two to six months.
Who has time for that?

See what I mean by super fast?
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Kary Oberbrunner
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Lisa Williams
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Charlie Gilkey
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Letter From Chris O'Byrne
Owner and President of JETLAUNCH
How our process works.
We make the process as simple as possible for you. We start work on the cover and print interior at the same time. (We've found it is best to wait for the ebook until you've proofed the print book.)

Our cover designer will email you directly to get ideas and to send you multiple samples to choose from. You then work with her to refine your final cover so it's perfect for you. We keep going until you're absolutely happy. This usually takes a week, but it can take longer if you don't have time to answer our emails right away. The final time to finish is really up to you.

You'll also receive your print interior file that same first week. If you find something that you're not quite happy about with that print design, we change it—for free! (If you find words or editing changes that you missed before sending us your manuscript, we do charge a small fee to fix those.)

After you've approved both the print interior and cover files, we upload those files to your IngramSpark account and have a physical proof sent to you. After you approve the physical proof, we start on the ebook design, which again takes one week or less.

As always, we keep working until you're completely satisfied and your book is for sale around the world!

And because you came to us from IngramSpark, a company we trust and love, I'm going to give you 25% off of our usual prices. 

Here are links to samples and recommendations!

Cover samples:

Print and ebook samples:

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Cover Only
A one-time payment.
  • Completely custom designed
  • As many iterations and changes as you need to be 100% satisfied
  • ISBN and Barcode included
  • Free print and e-book title setup at IngramSpark

Print book interior design and Ebook DEsign
A one-time payment.
  • Custom designed to match your book's content
  • As many iterations and changes as you need to be 100% satisfied
  • ISBNs included
  • Free print and e-book title setup at IngramSpark
A one-time payment.
  • ISBNs and barcode included
  • Free print and e-book title setup at IngramSpark
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